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I think I feel love...

Ah, loving is a voyage with water and with stars, with drowning air and brusque storms of flour: loving is a battle of lightning bolts, and two bodies, overcome by one honey.

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Tips for Meeting Your Online Date Face to Face

If you've been fortunate enough to meet someone special online, you're probably pretty happy and looking forward to the time you get to meet him/her face to face. But perhaps you're a little bit nervous, too. After all, when you're dating online, you can re-read what you've written before you hit the send button, and when you chat, you aren't making eye contact, so there's still a bit of a cushion between you and the other person that may make you feel a bit safer. You could use your computer while sitting around in your favorite sweats and bunny slippers and not worry about how you looked. Read More

10 Tips on Dressing for a Date

Both men and women take dressing for a date seriously. It is important as how you look reflects your personality and well being. Dressing well shows you care and have a sense of style and loads of self esteem. The secret is in doing it just right neither too much nor too little. Read More

First Date Tips For Guys & Girls

Do you believe there is an amazing partner out there for you? Or do you believe that you've already met your prefect paramour and all you've got to do is navigate the choppy waters of that all important first date to get the show on the road? I live in the centre of the universe (London) but the rules of the dating game are the same wherever you live, and if you follow my tips and advice, then it's a game that you're going to win. Read More

Make Love Last - Tips to Help You Stay in Love Forever

In the past, there were very few options with regard to how individuals could meet people and date. There were the usual set-ups and random encounters that would result in a date, however, these days dating has been taken to a whole new level. Dating services, Internet dating and the relatively new speed dating phenomenon have come into existence. Speed dating is one dating method in particular that has captured the eyes and ears of the dating public. In order to determine whether speed dating is a viable option for an individual, it is important to learn a little bit more about this dating avenue. Read More

Great tips for dating on Internet

Are you ready for making some new friends online that can share your thoughts, some light moments and can even solve your problems in just a mouse click? Online dating has revolutionized the lives of millions of singles. I'll now outline in a few strategies how to play the online dating game... Read More

How To Use Feng Shui To Improve Your Romance Luck?

There are specific Feng Shui techniques that you can use to improve your relationship with others (romance included).

But what is Feng Shui? It is an ancient Chinese metaphysical discipline that studies how the environment affects a person's luck in life particularly in the areas of wealth, health and relationship. Read More

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