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First Date Tips For Guys & Girls

by Jon White

Do you believe there is an amazing partner out there for you? Or do you believe that you've already met your prefect paramour and all you've got to do is navigate the choppy waters of that all important first date to get the show on the road? I live in the centre of the universe (London) but the rules of the dating game are the same wherever you live, and if you follow my tips and advice, then it's a game that you're going to win.


1) Be confident (and if you don't feel confident - act it!) - women love confidence in a man, they find this incredibly sexy.

2) Take charge and revel in your masculine energy; ladies love to relax on dates knowing that you have organised all the details. It's up to you to decide where to go, book a table etc.

3) Ask her questions about herself that allow her to open up; listen intently and make sure you nod, um and arrhhh in all the right places.

4) If you really the girs, take her flowers on the first date (the bigger the bunch the more points you score!) Women love romance so if you can romance a lady, then you're already at first base.

5) Be attentive to her needs, make sure she is not too hot/ cold, that she has a drink etc; women notice small details like that.

6) Look at her as much as you can (no ogling though!); women love attention and they like to feel like they are being admired.

7) If you can afford it, pay for her on the first date. You don't have to go anywhere expensive - a local gastro-pub will do. But don't come across a bit of a meanie as first impressions last.

8) Take her somewhere on a first date that encourages conversation - perhaps for meal and a nice glass of wine - but in a bar or restaurant that isn't too noisy. Remember, if you go somewhere like the cinema or a football match, then you wont be able to chat and get to know each other.

9) Women always look at shoes, be sure yours reflect the right image!

10) A great smell can make a lasting impression. I have often heard women talk about a guy's after-shave so make sure you stock up on the CK1!


1) Wait for a guy to ask you out - this may sound old fashioned but men love the chase, allow yourself to be pursued and enjoy it.

2) Allow him to book a table, open doors, pay you compliments, pay for the meal etc; give him control of the first date!

3) Be happy and be the type of person that men want to be with; radiate good energy, smile and your date will be all the more entranced.

4) Approach the date with the aim of having fun; forget about whether he is Mr Right and focus on just enjoying yourself and having a good time.

5) Compliment a man, the things he is doing for you, the choice of meal etc - men love this.

6) Take an interest in HIS interests. Don't just talk about yourself and what you like to do.

7) Don't mention your 'ex'! There'll come a time in any relationship when both of you will talk about your past relationships. Unless the guy specifically brings up the subject, a first date really isn't the time.

8) Turn your mobile 'phone off. If you're taking calls from your friends or reading texts, your date will soon lose interest. Only keep your phone switched on if you're expecting a VERY important call.

9) If the guy has invited you out for a meal, be careful how much you spend on his credit card. You don't necessarily have to choose the cheapest items on the menu, but don't order lobster and Champagne either. If a man invites you out for dinner on a first date, don't use it as an excuse to indulge yourself in a way that you wouldn't do if you were paying for yourself.

10) Say thank you - in fact you should say it twice; at the end of the date as you're saying goodnight and then either in a follow-up 'phone call or by text message the next day. Even if you don't want to see him again (in which case, thank him by text!), you don't want to give him the impression that you have no manners.

About the Author

Jon White is the founder of CupidNights.com - a popular London dating site.

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