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Three Types of Seduction Techniques

by Teddy Shabba

Seduction techniques that men use to attract women they desire will vary from man to man, also most men will vary their seduction techniques depending on how they perceive the women they are trying to seduce.

In this article I am going to talk about three seduction techniques that most men usually fall in.

Charm/Flattery/ Technique-

Most everyone should be familiar with this particular seduction technique as many men have been led to believe this is the most effective way to get a girl. Just in case you are not familiar with this seduction technique I will explain it.

A man using this seduction technique will flatter and a compliment a girl from the beginning and offer to take her places and in general spend a lot of money on her in the hopes that she will return his favors with some type of romantic affection.

In my opinion this is the weakest and least effective seduction technique that a man can try and use on a woman. Generally this seduction technique tells a woman that you have nothing of real value to offer her besides your money and if you're not in the high 6 or 7 figure income bracket your money isn't going to hold much value with a beautiful woman.

Hypnosis/NLP Seduction Technique-

A majority of the books on Seduction will usually include some form of this seduction technique in there books. A variety of patterns and scripts that are designed to have women experience feelings of sexual excitement, attraction, and just about anything else that you want her to experience is the strength of this seduction technique.

Now this technique works extremely well IF and I emphasize the word IF you have the self-confidence and congruency that is required to make it work; not to mention gaining rapport with her in the first place.

Many of the books and programs that teach this as a seduction technique fall short in truly explaining and teaching you this method. If as a man you hold the belief that you can't attract women and deserve women of high quality then purchasing a book or program that simply teaches you the seduction techniques of Hypnosis/NLP without changing your beliefs will be worthless.


More a way of life than a seduction technique, Alpha Male attracts and gets beautiful women because he knows that he deserves and expects quality beautiful women in his life.

He might give gifts or even run patterns or scripts on the women in his life to create a sense of complete and total satisfaction in there life because this is what he has CHOSEN to do.

At all times the choice is his because he has worked on his beliefs and inner-game so much that he knows it is his choice and his reality. Once you begin to realize the choice is your attracting women no longer because a matter of choosing the best seduction technique only a matter of choosing who.

About the Author

Teddy Shabba is a Dating Coach for Men and creator of Dating Advice and Tips for Men which provides an abundance of information for men on dating and more

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