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Ah, loving is a voyage with water and with stars, with drowning air and brusque storms of flour: loving is a battle of lightning bolts, and two bodies, overcome by one honey.

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Finding Love After Divorce--Can it Be Done?

by Laura Rupert

The idea of happily ever after when you say "I do" the first time is only the reality for about half of couples. The rest of the individuals get divorced for many reasons. Some couples divorce because they were never really in love, some due to infidelity, and others because of financial problems, and still others due to other various issues. For all of these individuals who do not have successful marriages the world does not end and their opportunities for finding true love and a successful relationship do not either. In fact, after a divorce an individual might be more prepared for a new relationship once they have healed because they are experienced and know better what to do and not to do in a relationship. Consider the following tips to help you find love after a divorce.

Tip #1 There are Lots of Fish in the Sea Certainly when you were younger and experienced a breakup or the person of your dreams was not interested in you then you heard your mom or dad tell you that there were lots of fish in the sea. This advice is true because there are millions of men and women all over the world and a small percentage of them are exactly what you are looking for. This is to say that there is more than one person in the world that meets your standards and can make you happy. There are so many women or men that you could be happy with that you should not simply give up after a divorce because there are many more men or women you can share your life with happily.

Tip #2 Take Time to Grieve When your relationship ends in divorce, no matter whether it is your choice or not, you need to take time to grieve. There are a lot of feelings involved in the end of a marriage and it is very important to work these out before moving. Otherwise, you might ruin other relationships because you have not properly dealt with your feelings from the last. Simply take time, reflect, and deal with your feelings whatever they are. You might be sad, angry, devastated, hurt, and many others. Just be sure you give yourself time to deal with these feelings before moving on. That way, when you do find a new individual to love you will be really ready to give them your all.

When you are ready to move on and find another relationship you will know it and you can rest assured that you have put your feelings to rest from your past relationship. Divorce might be the end of a relationship, but it does not have to be the end of your life. So, take your time for yourself, enjoy some things you may have left behind over the years, and then get back in the dating pool and you will find love again. Guaranteed!

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Laura Rupert writes for DrDating.com a site filled with dating advice and tips about dating, love and relationships. DrDating.com has a huge library of articles about online dating.

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