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How to Play the Virginia Lottery

Play the Virginia Mega Millions lottery, and you can beat the odds and walk away with the big jackpot. However, it is not uncommon to match one or two Virginia Mega Millions lottery numbers. If you match just the Mega Ball number, you win a cash prize, and with the Megaply option, you might be able to turn that small prize into a little more. The Mega Millions lottery Megaply option is rather simple.

Instead of paying one dollar for your VA Mega Millions ticket, you pay two dollars. This extra dollar buys you the Megaply option. With the VA lottery Mega Millions Megaply, should you win a prize other than the jackpot, the prize will be at least doubled, making your three dollars into six, and making your two hundred thousand dollars into four hundred thousand dollars! But that is not the best part.

The Virginia Mega Millions lottery Megaply option gives you the chance to multiply your winnings by two, three, or four times, depending on the number that is drawn. You pay your extra dollar and you have a one in four chance of getting any of these numbers, so your odds are pretty good that you might bring home a whole lot extra on your Virginia Mega Millions lottery ticket if you happen to win a cash prize from your ticket. Your chances of winning at least one small prize in the Virginia Mega Millions lottery are actually pretty good. You can win a few dollars just for matching the Virginia Mega Millions Mega Ball, and though it will not help you pay off your bills, a small prize can help you buy more VA lottery Mega Millions tickets, and with some luck that could pay off quite a bit in the long run. Originally all monies generated from the Virginia lottery went to the state's general fund but in 2000 voters approved a ballot measure by 80% that mandated that all monies generated by the state lottery go towards education.

In February of 2006v the last Lotto South drawing was held and this lottery was replaced by the Win For Life game where the player selects 6 numbers from 1 to 42 for a prize of $1,000 a week for life. There are also the pick 5 and pick 4 games with good jackpots. The Virginia lottery site is well designed and very easy to use. Most lottery employees are subject to background checks for player security. Virginia has a good lottery site and great jackpots.

Jeffrey Davis is a Expert on Online Lotteries and a marketing executive at Triumph Marketing, you can find more of Jeff's lottery articles and buy real lottery tickets at http://www.luckylotto.com

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