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Easy Romanian Recipes For Any Tastes

There are times, when we are on the lookout for something really tasty to eat, and do not know what to do about it. The food available off the shelf is mostly not good enough, because it has too many preservatives and do not taste natural. Again, we might not have time enough to cook some gourmet dishes by ourselves.

In such situations, easy to cook Romanian delicacies can come to your aid. Take the simple Romanian doughnuts, for example. All you need to make this delicious treat are 500 grams of flour, 120 grams of butter, about 40 grams of yeast, 250 ml of warm milk, a tablespoon of sugar, a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of rum, some lemon peel, and two egg yolks. The process is as follows.

First you mix very well the yeast and the sugar until it becomes a paste. Then put in the butter, egg yolk, rum, lemon peel and milk, one at a time, and mix thoroughly. Lastly, mix the flour. Wait for another 20 minutes to let the dough rise. Stretch the dough out using a rolling pin and make it about 2 cm thick.

Then cut out the doughnut shapes by a round glass. Wait for another 20 minutes to let them rise further and they are ready for baking. Another easy Romanian recipe that is good for the taste buds is the potato broth. The ingredients you require are 600 grams of potatoes, 100 grams of onions, 100 grams of carrots, 50 grams of parsley, a liter of borsch, a bunch of green parsley and another of lovage along with a little salt.

You have to chop the onion and then the verdure and heat them together in oil. Pour some water, add a little salt, then the square shaped cut potatoes and let it boil. When the potatoes are boiled, add the borsch, which was boiled separately and check if you added enough salt. At the end, you can sprinkle more verdure. Furthermore, if your favourite dishes are based on meat, you can cook meat balls, a specific, easy Romanian recipe.

You need half a kilo mince, 50 grams bread, 50 grams onion, 3 or 4 garlic cloves, 1 egg, pepper, parsley or dill, oil, salt. You can obtain the mince using a mincing machine, out of meat, bread, after you have slightly dipped it in cold water and then you squeezed it, and the onion, which has previously been heated for 1 minute in two spoons of oil. Add together the minced meat, minced parsley or dill, one egg, a bit of pepper, salt, and garlic and mix them well.

Pour some flour or breadcrumbs on a plate and keep it aside. Next, make small ball shapes using the meat mixture and roll them over the flour or crust. Now preheat a pan for a few minutes at a medium temperature, pour in oil half a centimeter deep and fry the meatballs quickly. Fry them on one side, turn them over and fry some more and then take them off the pan to put in new ones. To keep them warm and soft, place them in a bowl over a pot of hot water and cover with a lid. You can serve them warm, with vegetables or salad, with beans salad, cabbage, spinach or nettles, and if you serve them cold you can add to them green pepper, tomatoes, radish, or mustard.

Easy Romanian recipes are useful and delicious and you can try them whenever you want to save time.

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