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Wedding Service Guide How To Plan A Dream Wedding

Planning a wedding can be exciting but at the same time, it can also be stressful. It is the dream of all courting couples to have a perfect wedding. Every single detail needs to be properly organized. Therefore, it is important to plan in advance, as this will be a once-in-a lifetime moment to most.

As there are many things to remember, it is essential to draw up a wedding service guide and checklist to ensure that nothing will be forgotten or missed out The wedding service guide is tailored to suit the individualized tastes and likes of each couple. After deciding and agreeing on the budget, so that the maximum cost of every item on the checklist can be set, the next big issue is to choose the date and time for the wedding ceremony. It is prudent to select at least three dates, as the location for the reception as well as church to conduct the ceremony may not be both available on the same date. In addition to booking a church for the ceremony, a good wedding service guide will remind the marrying couple to make arrangements to meet with the church minister. There is a need to discuss on the different options of the wedding service such as selecting the words of the hymns, music or prayers.

Once this has been finalized, place a reservation on the venue to have the reception. It will be more convenient to have the reception held within the compounds of the church. Next on the checklist is to look for a site or location for the wedding reception.

There is also a need to arrange for a marriage license. At the same time, transport to the church and reception site needs to be arranged in advance to take the various parties to the ceremony. Start to draw up a guest list in the initial plans, as this will greatly affect the budget.

In addition, it allows the guests enough time to plan and choose the perfect gifts. Other related issues on the wedding service guide may include organizing seating plans for both the church as well as at the reception. One very important item in the wedding service guide may be the selection of the bride's wedding dress as well as a matching veil or headpiece. The groom will need a morning suit or tuxedo for the ceremony.

In addition, there are other accessories for the bride such as gloves, shoes and jewelers. Other essential clothes for the party will include gowns for the bridesmaids, suits for the groom's attendants and pageboy as well as dresses for the flower girls. Many couples select a theme when they are planning their special day such as a color pattern or group of colors to be used throughout the event. Another equally important item in the wedding service guide will be the bridal bouquets.

In addition, there will be smaller bouquets for the bridesmaids, corsages for the groom and other members of the family, the flowers arrangements at the venue such as decorating the church pews and aisle, centerpieces for the tables as well as baskets of confetti for the flower girls. The flowers used should be in the same color or shade as the wedding gown or they should complement each other Another essential item on the wedding service guide is the pair of wedding rings, usually engraved with the names of the bride and her groom, and they will be carried by the pageboy on a ring bearer pillow. If there are guests coming from overseas, put a note in the wedding service guide to find accommodations as such arrangements may need to be made several months before the actual date. At the same time, plan and book the honeymoon travel well ahead so as to get the best possible price.

A professional caterer needs to be engaged to bake the wedding cake as well as food for the reception. Other professionals to be included in the wedding service guide may be a beautician, hair stylist and manicurist for the bride and her maidens. Most couples may also hire a photographer to capture the magical moments of the event. By planning in advance with a carefully drawn up wedding service guide will enable the couple to prepare as much ahead of time as possible and ensure that their wedding day is special as well as a joyous experience for them.

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